Music Special Issue Cover

For the special music issue of Vox magazine we chose to make it stand out by making a wrap-around cover. This project took a mass amount of planning and organization as we lined up the local players of Columbia’s music scene outside of a music venue as though they were waiting for a show. The trick is, that we photographed this on two different days and then Photoshopped each individual person together. As photo director, I had my hand in all aspects of the cover from creating the concept, organizing the musicians, choosing the photographer, running the photo shoot, and working with the designer and editors.

Restaurant feature

For this profile on a local restaurant, I negotiated access to the restaurant and kitchen, chose a photographer, edited the final photos and worked with the designer and editors to display the photos in the best way.

October Harvest

Edited photos for the front-page news story about the October harvest. The photos had to describe how the local harvest worked, who was behind it and be beautiful and eye-catching, all at the same time.

A Fresh Shot

On the Map was a regular department of the magazine where one photographer and one writer through a dart at a map and went to that address and found a story. Such a project took a lot of front-end work in choosing a photographer and coaching them in how to create an image that would be a focus of a story that we had not found yet. Once we found the best image, I also had to work with the writer to make sure that the words and pictures worked cohesively together. The story “A fresh shot at life in Columbia” touched on a story about a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Vox Etiquette

We chose to create a photo illustration for the cover of our issue themed on etiquette. The challenge was to find one focused image that would sum it all up. The twisty straw in a wine glass conveys that something is a little off while also illustrating that the topic will be address in a humorous way. My role was in the initial conception of the idea, buying of props and collaborating and mediating with editors, photographers and designers.


The front page of a newspaper after a night full of snow, in place that rarely gets snow had to illustrate the excitement and buzz around the city. This package was packed full of emotion and fun as well focusing in on the beautiful details of winter weather.